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Age of War

Age of War is all about kicking some ass and destroying your opponents base. You can chose between 3 different units to build in order to kill those PC pussies. There are a few flaws and some well how the hells. It's a decent short game and once you know what to do you'll be flying through it and gaining those badges. For the time being there's also a challenge for the Amaya, the Exiled Student card.

Naturally I chose the "Normal" mode, none of the badges require any other difficulty so why not. There isn't even a high scores! So, let's get this over with.

Tip: Space bar pauses

Hear that music? That's all you'll be hearing, it just loops over, and over, and over again. The sound effects are really all the same other than the turrets you can buy. Off to a bad start but it's really not to bad. I'll tell you how I and mostly everyone else beat this game. Focus on turrets! Unless you HAVE NO CHOICE but to buy units then get a few until the enemy backs away. But there a waste of money and they're nothing to fuck around with.

Evolution 1: The Stone Age

The first level here is easier than you think. Wait until the enemy starts sending out cavemen, when the first one gets close enough to your base, use your special located around the top right corner.

By doing this you should gain over $200, now buy the "Egg automatic" turret

Now that you've got this in place, these stone aged bastards aren't getting anywhere. When they start sending out the dinosaurs, use your special or if it's not recharged yet, send out a dinosaur yourself. When you can, for $1,000 add a turret slot. Just remember, if they're getting to close and a lot(2 or 1 with a lot of health) are hitting you, just send out a guy or two. Use your common sense, if a dinosaur with full health is coming at you, your eggs probably won't kill him before he reaches your base. I have no idea what kind of chicken laid these eggs but they're pretty deadly. Evolve as soon as you hit 4,000xp.

Evolotion II: Medieval Ages

For some reason the enemy tends to evolve before you, even though you haven't been sending out guys to get killed, he somehow reaches 4,000xp before you. That leads to my how the hell, if you can only gain gold from killing enemies, and you aren't sending out anyone, where the hell is he getting all of his gold from? At this point you realize they've caught the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, but whatever ,your still going to run them into the ground.

Once you've evolved, you can now place a "Fire catapult" in you're second turret slot. For now, don't sell the Egg automatic, it's not like you'd get anything for it; piece of shit eggs. In this level your special is a wave of flaming arrows shooting down out of the sky, so, same thing as last time, it's just an arrow now. Use it when you need to, I use one and the beginning and try to wait for the enemy to send out the ponies. If you know you're going to need it, send out a "Sword man". The dumbass PC puts out an oil turret, little does he know you're not falling for his shit.

Use the special when a pony is close enough, use the same red circle area. When you can, evolve once more; 14,000xp.

Evolution III: Renaissance

Again the fuckers evolved before me, I sent out a few Swordsmen and that took care of them. Note down that your special now sucks ass and is used for healing, since you'll be focusing on your turrets, this really won't do anything for you. At the start I would make a couple "Duelers" to fend off the enemy, when you have time sell your Fire catapult and replace it with an "Explosives cannon". At this point you should have two turrets: Egg automatic and Explosives cannon. When they get to close, build a Dueler.

- Once you've raised another 6,000g or 5,900g, sell your Egg automatic and build another Explosives cannon in its place
- Add another turret spot for $3,000 when you can
- At 45,000xp evolve

Evolution IV: Present

You have tanks you have airplanes, but most importantly you have the "Double turret" turret, once you've built two of these nothing will touch your base from there on out. For now, you can leave your two cannons to do there shit, they'll hold up pretty good, and when you need to(to many units attacking you, tanks), use your special. Your cannons sell for 3,000g so keep that in mind when you're waiting to upgrade to the Double turret for 14,000g.

At this point of the guide, I'm so sick of the background music for Age of War I had no choice but to mute my speakers and turn on some music. The developer could have been a little creative and changed the background to, but no I guess man has only fought in a bush.

I now have two Double turrets and nothing's even getting close, this is the point where the game really gets to easy and all you do is wait for 200,000xp(I'm currently 150,000xp). Alright they just started sending out tanks, by that time I used my first special and evolved.

Evolution V: Future

The special here kicks ass, you have I guess a satellite that beams down a fucking lazer that burns everything in it's path, YOU ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE! Wait until you've accumulated 100,000g then buy yourself an "IonRay" turret. You can also sell your existing Double turrets for 7,000g but it's not going to get you there that much faster. Hey, in the future there are still trees! So basically you've beaten the game. Save up another 100,000g and buy another IonRay. These things kick some ass, since there rate of fire is so high, when it kills it's enemy it will continue to hit the enemy behind it. From here on out, max out your upgrade spots and fill them up with IonRays.

From here on you, leave the game playing, go grab a bite to eat, come back and you should have around 400,000g or more. Buy as many "Super Soldiers" as you can. These units don't fuck around, you build 3 of them, you will win. They will blast and slice there way through everything and kill your enemy. If you haven't gotten the Field of Strife Badge (train 100 units), build as many more as you need then send out 3 Super Soldiers of Justice.

So, you've just gotten all the badges and the card. For shits and giggles you could try the other difficulty modes, but uh, not for me.


To earn this you must reach the final level, piece of cake.


Field of Strife Badge (easy – 5 points)
Train 100 units and lay waste to 100 enemies in Age of War

Age of Victory Badge (medium – 15 points)
Defeat your opponent in Age of War

The music and background is VERY repetitive. I liked the selection of turrets and units, even though I only used a handful of them throughout the entire game. Greg definitely got a little lazy here and there should have been a some variety with the badges, maybe a badge that includes a different difficulty. Overall I had fun playing it the first time around, maybe a year ago one some other site. Age of War earns 3 Santa hats out of 5.

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